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Our Safety Culture


At Mills Electric Co. we are constantly striving to create the best possible safety environment for our employees, customers, and partners. Safety is a condition of employment for Mills Electric, and everyone from the President of the company down, is expected to incorporate our safety programs into each and every task performed.


We feel that all safety hazards can be avoided with proper planning and implementation of the correct procedures.  Controlling our work and not straying from the PLAN is constantly stressed.  If at any time an employee feels unsafe they have the authority to stop their work.  At Mills Electric if we plan safe, we work safe, and if we work safe, we go home safe.  No job is too important to disregard the proper safety procedures.

  • New Hire Training

  • Refresher Training

  • JSA on All Tasks

  • Behavioral Based Training

  • START– Supervisor Training

  • Web Based Record Keeping

  • Web Based Training

  • Safety Alert Emails

  • Observation Cards

  • Authority to Stop Work

  • Site Specific Training

  • Site Specific Plans

  • Affiliated with AGC, NECA, IBEW


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Safety Excellence Awards


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Subcontractor of the Year


Subcontractor of the Year:

Top Safety Performer


Whatcom County: Best Place to Work for Large Companies

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