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Mills Electric has a highly skilled P6 Primavera scheduling team, capable of working on the largest projects in the industry.  Mills understands the need for detailed scheduling procedures in order to keep a project on time and on budget.  With our skilled scheduling staff, we are able to create high-level resource loaded schedules through Primavera P6 software.  Our staff is available for support services and also utilized on all Mills Electric projects.

Mills Electric Company understands the importance of precise estimates when planning for future projects. Our highly skilled team of estimators is trained in Accubid and ChangeOrder software.  We pride ourselves on assembling accurate bids for our projects and our clients.

Mills Electric Company's goal on every project is to provide the lowest cost, best quality installed product for all our clients.  An important part of that process is prefabrication.  Through our prefab solutions, we are able to utilize lower-wage labor, controlled environments, highly trained assembly personnel and better material management solutions.  Prefabrication is a crucial part of our precise build program and helps to maintain safety, schedule, and quality on all projects.  With the increased demand from owners to decrease project time, general contractors know the importance of teaming with subs that can provide unique solutions to highly complicated scheduling needs.                            


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